They Accepted Me!

Planet EarthNo, neither Harvard nor Oxford have accepted me for any of their Ph.D. programs.  So, no announcement there.  What I can announce is my acceptance into the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF).  It is not housed on the Starship Enterprise. The WFSF, founded in 1973, is an organization whose mission is to promote futures education and research.  It constitutes a global network of practicing futurists, researchers, teachers, scholars and activists.

The cool part for someone as elitist as me is that there are fewer than 300 members.  Applicants must have contributed to the field, conducted research, and provide convincing evidence that they can provide value to the organization.  I documented my ability to make coffee.  They also must be invited by at least two other members.  Not to worry – I didn’t tell them that my real motivation was to have an excuse to travel to conferences in exotic locations and look scholarly.


7 responses to “They Accepted Me!

  1. The party is on! You get to travel. When is your first trip……ha ha ha

    But seriously congrats

  2. Congratulations !!!

    [cid:image001.gif@01CDD873.5615F290] TAMI L. NESBURG Executive Vice President Regional Manager

    2001 SE Columbia River Dr. | Suite 101 | Vancouver, WA 98661 (t) 360 694-6991 (f) 360 693-9388 (C) 360-241-5281 NMLS#744789 Become a Fan of Regents Bank on Facebook Follow Regents Bank on Twitter ________________________________

  3. Do they know about Kate?

  4. Wow! You are recognized for your expertise and you get to travel to cool places. Good times!

    We’ll be looking for you to step up your game, Randy. Congratulations!

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