Scheel to Contribute to Study

In 2001 I gave a speech at the annual conference of the World Future Society.  I proclaimed the need to establish an organization of professional futurists – something that had never been done.  Not unexpectedly, it set off a number of intellectual wildfires.

In spite of the controversy, the next year I and a couple of colleagues from graduate school established the Association of Professional Futurists.  Just to assure that nobody became too comfortable, I then proclaimed that to truly be considered professionals, futurists should not only hold a post-graduate degree in the field but be licensed or certified much like an architect, electrician or interior designer.  It was not well received.

Now, a decade later, I have been asked by Jay E. Gary to participate in a Delphi study – a series of surveys by a select number of “experts” in order to achieve consensus about future possibilities.  Dr. Gary is Assistant Professor at the Regent University School of Business & Leadership and Program Director at the Master of Arts program in Strategic Foresight.

The study is being conducted in partnership with the European Business School which is considered one of the best business schools in Germany.  It will last for 60 days with 100 futurists from around the world deliberating on the subjects of career development and professional certification of futurists.  The study has 15 projections that participants weigh in terms of expectational probability.  Dr. Gary has asked me to critique the projections prior to the launch of the study.  I will share the results with you when the study has been completed.  I know you are about to wet yourself with excitement!


4 responses to “Scheel to Contribute to Study

  1. You do acknowledge that this will cut into your nap time quite a bit, so don’t get cranky Mr. this is your own doing.

  2. How wide a range of subjects will these surveys cover?

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