Developing a Culture of Foresight by Having Leading-Edge Thinkers Present to Your Organization (4 of 8 Ways)

If your company is in or near a city of any significant size, you have access to people who are willing to talk or conduct a “show and tell” about what they or their organization is doing.  I once had a prominent researcher from Intel give a presentation to my healthcare colleagues about what his company was doing to keep people mobile and independent through the application of sophisticated electronic sensors.  It dramatically reshaped my vision of where our industry is headed.  Disruptive?  Yup.  Transformative? That too.  A game-changer?  Could be.

Yes, I know in the age of webinars, blogging, YouTube, MeTube (I just made that up) and slide-sharing, it may seem outdated to have a real person and not an avatar present information, but it still works.  TED uses real people on a stage with a microphone.  Later they apply techno-wizardry.  But it all starts with a real human being standing in front of other real human beings.

You probably have a pool of resources you may not recognize as such.  They are your vendors.  If you happen to be in healthcare, ask your medical sales representative to talk to your staff about their products that are in R&D.  Ask your IT vendor to present on the future of electronic medical records or telehealth.

You may be able to tap into local or regional colleges or universities for professors or other scholars who may be delighted to talk about their area of expertise.  Most universities have speakers’ bureaus.

Almost everyone knows a lot about something.  Some of them take that knowledge and shove it into the future.  Find them.


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