Welcome to Anticipations: What I Told My Staff Five Years Ago

The blog you are reading sort of began in early 2007.  Back then we used something called paper and some old issues likely still lay in what are still called file cabinets.  Each issue, distributed to my staff, was described as “A quarterly newsletter to enhance understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the future, both professionally and personally.”

The following is taken from the front page of the first issue.  I hope it resonates with you and that it may compel you to share this blog with those you work with.

Welcome to Anticipations . . .
This is the first issue of what I hope will become a publication you will look forward to reading.  If successful, you will want to talk about some of its content with friends, co-workers or family.  It may even ignite an interest you never had before.  Or, it may seem like a total waste of time, although I hope not.

It’s called Anticipations because its focus is on the future.  Each issue may include brief articles, book reviews, explanations of how to study the future (no not crystal balls), emerging medical and healthcare topics, and what ever else looking forward brings to our attention.

Some of you may be wondering why your Administrator is doing this.  I’m not doing it because I’m bored.  I’m doing it because it’s both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.  It’s the right thing to do because everyone who works here deserves to know what I spend some of my day thinking about.  You guessed it – the future.  And how our team envisions the future shapes the direction of the organization as well as the day-to-day work environment we all spend so much time in.  In short, it is relevant to each of us.

It’s the smart thing to do because the world is changing faster and faster.  And it’s becoming more complex.  To continue providing quality healthcare and maintain a viable business enterprise, we must manage change and complexity.  We need to be able to capitalize on the opportunities that change affords us.  We also need to be able to anticipate the challenges (i.e., threats) that may lie in wait.  Lastly, but most importantly, we absolutely must be able to attract and retain the best and the brightest human resources.  And that’s you.

The hallmark of good futures work is to create connections – between today and tomorrow, between knowledge and action, between aspirations and reality.  Help create the future.  After all, it’s yours.



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