Developing a Culture of Foresight by Joining the World Future Society (2 of 8 Ways)

A while back (OK, a long while back) I posted a blog about a way (1 of 8) to help others spend a few minutes regularly thinking about the future.  Basically, it’s sharing your horizon scanning “hits” with them, whether they be personal friends or workmates/colleagues.

This second method is simple – become a member of the World Future Society.  The WFS is a nonprofit organization founded in 1966.  It’s the best organization of its type for the person who has a general interest in the future.  It bills itself as a neutral clearinghouse for ideas, forecasts, and resources about the future.

I’ve been a member since 1971.  At that time I was majoring in Political Science at the University of Washington.  Vietnam, riots, hunger strikes and power to the people.  The days of rage.

I came home that summer to mooch off my parents.  I couldn’t find a summer job because of the inherent evil nature of capitalism.  Because I was too young to sit in a bar all day, I spent afternoons at the public library.  I discovered The Futurist, the magazine published by the WFS.  As a result of being exposed to studies of the future I began thinking, writing and studying a bit differently.  My grades improved.  A little.

You’re probably not worried about your grades.  But you may be worried, or at least concerned, about your ability to manage change, both personally and professionally.  I am.  That’s why I’m a member of the World Future Society.

So check it out.  If you don’t want to spend $79 I encourage you to sign up for their free email postings.  It’s great information and no gimmicks.


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